Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

ABC offers advice to our clients and interpreters to choose the most suitable remote simultaneous interpretation system according to the type of event, client and budget.

We offer our own remote simultaneous interpretation system in which you receive the interpretation service through our website, we enable language-based channels that can only be accessed by registered users with the correct password for the event. On your side, you use your preferred online conference system and give us access as a participant. Our system offers an optimized cost-benefit ratio. Currently, it is ideal for bilingual conferences although we continue working to expand our offer to multilingual conferences with and without relay interpreting*.

We also work with third-party systems that offer the highest quality and reliability available. For instance, KUDO, ZOOM with simultaneous interpretation enabled and also the virtual rooms with simultaneous interpretation offered by CongressColombia.

*In relay interpreting, the interpreter listens to the source language speaker and renders the message into a language common to all the other interpreters. These other interpreters then render the message to their target language groups. Relay interpreting is sometimes referred to as “indirect interpreting.”